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Death Smiles on a Murderer review

Posted : 2 years, 11 months ago on 25 March 2021 02:28 (A review of Death Smiles on a Murderer)

Quite bizarre this giallo, sometimes fascinating sometimes irritating, a little messy too. But can we really talk about "giallo"? Nay! We are much more here in the 100% supernatural. Therefore, no or few explanations in the end on what we see on the screen. If I weren't indulgent towards this kind of film (and I am in general), I would even go so far as to say that we slip slowly towards anything ...
A small disappointment fortunately mitigated by the radiant presence of the always magnificent Ewa Aulin (she clashes in "red and black hood") which brings the essential touch of eroticism and a very nice soundtrack composed by Berto Pisano.

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The Stand review

Posted : 2 years, 11 months ago on 23 March 2021 06:29 (A review of The Stand)

The first half of this TV show is a disaster with its incessant and irritating time back and forth, the characters are very poorly introduced and I don't like the cast (except the excellent Owen Teague as Harold Lauder).
Things are a little better in the second half, more linear and fairly consistent with the novel, despite embarrassing script shortcuts.
And it really becomes anything with a completely absurd last episode which tries to invent a useless epilogue (and outside the novel) to perhaps announce a sequel ... that I will not watch!
Clearly, don't waste your time and read or reread Stephen King's masterpiece. And if you're not allergic to the 90s, check out the much better TV version from 1994!

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Journey to the Far Side of the Sun review

Posted : 2 years, 11 months ago on 19 March 2021 02:03 (A review of Journey to the Far Side of the Sun)

It is impossible not to view this film as a long episode of "The Twilight Zone". A long format that does not do justice to this singular story of a double universe because the rhythm is a little uneven.
A good B series of S-F to discover nevertheless, even if only to see the cult Roy "The Invaders" Thinnes again, accompanied in this case by two pretty little-known actresses (Loni von Friedl and Lynn Loring).

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Dan Oniroku hebi to muchi review

Posted : 2 years, 11 months ago on 18 March 2021 05:47 (A review of Dan Oniroku hebi to muchi)

Warning! Probably one of the most subversive "pinku eiga" ever made. Because "Snake and Whip" does not not content with fulfilling the specifications inherent to the genre, namely the inevitable "sex/rape/bondage" trilogy (respected to the letter and very titillating...).
Against all expectations, the director Shรดgorรด Nishimura adds incestuous elements which cheerfully pours into the sordid and explode in a truly hallucinating final (some would say...abject!).
Anyway, a film not to be put in front of all eyes. Sensitive souls abstain! It will shock in the houses!

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The Stand review

Posted : 2 years, 11 months ago on 10 March 2021 05:30 (A review of The Stand)

If this long TV movie adapted from the extraordinary "The Stand" by Stephen King is undoubtedly not in tune with the book, it nevertheless remains a beautiful little success, not free from flaws, but in the end very endearing, mainly thanks to its frankly excellent cast.
To discover for those who are not put off by the aesthetics of the 90's. And...um...there's Molly Ringwald too (one of my secret loves of the 80s-90s) ;-)

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Erotic Ghost Story review

Posted : 2 years, 11 months ago on 9 March 2021 06:53 (A review of Erotic Ghost Story)

It is the quintessence of great Asian bis cinema. Imagine "A Chinese Ghost Story" (one of my favourite movies) in erotic sauce, sex scenes full of sumptuous sensuality, asian beauties of stunning purity and photographic aesthetics of the famous Golden Harvest. Without forgetting the crazy fantastic aspect of the film.
What a delight for the eyes and the senses ...

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Night of the Living Dead review

Posted : 3 years ago on 27 February 2021 07:43 (A review of Night of the Living Dead)

1968: George Romero undoubtedly realizes THE classic of the film of the living dead which is also a great film on human stupidity endowed with a political (anti-political?) resonance totally subversive.
1978: ten years later, he would make THE masterpiece of the zombie film with "Dawn of the Dead".
Look. And enjoy!

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The Meg review

Posted : 3 years ago on 21 February 2021 03:50 (A review of The Meg)

Okay, this film is a big nanardesque blockbuster a little (who said very?) stupid, a little (who said very?) rotten and stuffed with special effects. After ... uh ... for a Sunday afternoon when we didn't not much to do, frankly, this kind of film is rather top and downright sleazy.
No really, we're having a great time because it's too fun (Jason Statham who faces a 23-meter Megalodon alone, it's destroy no?), yes, we have a great time because that it's too fun, (Jason Statham who faces a 23-meter Megalodon alone, it's destroy no?), yes yes, we have a good... ok ... I'm going out ...;-D

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House review

Posted : 3 years ago on 20 February 2021 02:28 (A review of House)

A madness movie that this Japanese "House". Crazy, psychedelic, but a bit rough draft too and a little too musical for my taste. Not really horrific but rather funny and cartoonish.
A kind of roller coaster that would just have deserved a real dramatic line (almost non-existent in this case).
As it stands, it is already a beautiful "UFO" ("F" for Filmic!)

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Rome Armed to the Teeth review

Posted : 3 years ago on 19 February 2021 01:18 (A review of Rome Armed to the Teeth)

Two years after the already brilliant "Almost Human", Umberto Lenzi does it again with a "poliziottesco" still nervous and excited.
Maurizio Merli and Tomas Millian are awesome, one in a "Dirty Harry" style, the other in the shoes of an unscrupulous thug.
Square, flawless and stamped from the 70's. A great Italian-style thriller.

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